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Hi, i am Adarsh aka (BoneVibes)! I am a FULL-STACK-DEVELOPER, I help designers, small agencies and businesses bring their ideas to life. Powered by Adobe, VS Code and coffee, I turn your requirements into CMS-ified and ecommerce-ified websites - on time and on budget.

Expereince: Over 4 years
Skil score:



HTML being the major focus in my career, I have been always into making stuuff out of HTML. It was also the first framework which landed me my First gig. I have over 250 completed projects in HTML and counting !!!

Expereince: 3 years
Skil score: 96/100



HTML being my major focus, css is the framework which complements it. CSS is the best thing i cam eacross during my whole web Expereince. I have completed over 200 projects and counting!!!

Expereince: 2.5 years
Skil score: 94/100



PHP was the first framework i came across when dealing with web developement I started web developing with PHP and i am using it still :) I have completed over 120 projects in php and still counting!!!

Expereince: 2.6 years
Skil score: 92/100



JavaScript has been my all time helper! even this websites animations are in js -xd I have comepleted over 140 projects involving js and still counting!!

Expereince: 2.8/span>
Skil score: 91/100



To be honest, i think in future everything's gonna be python and i love that fact because i have been making stuff from python for so long now haha! I have more than 300 successfull python projects which includes both web and non-web work!

Expereince: 4 years
Skil score: 97/100



Being a Full-Stack-developer also requires the knowledge of Databse handling, this is fullfilled by our one and only MySql as its the most easy and reliable open-source relational database management system. Litteraly all of my web projects are handled with mysql :)

Expereince: 2.8
Skil score: 91/100



The constant requirement for Graphics is very normal, i fullfill it with my Adobe suit, Before entering the web-industry i was a full-time graphic artists. I have delievered from logo's to aesthetic potraits to my clients. Exponentially building up my graphic game. Stuff i use :- Adobe Ai,Xd,Ps,Lr,Pr,Ae,An.

Expereince: 3.5 years
Skil score: 96/100